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Unconventional Energy expected to create Three Million Jobs by 2035

This month, market intelligence firm, IHS released a report entitled “America’s New Energy Future: The Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution and the U.S. Economy.”  Our blog post will focus on a few of the numbers in the report, especially this … Continue reading

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US Expertise & Technology needed in developing International Shale Plays

In our exporting LNG blog post, we discussed how the U.S. shale boom may cause the U.S. to become an LNG exporter in the near future.  The success of shale in North America has also sparked interest in other parts … Continue reading

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Will the US become an LNG Exporter?

Just five years ago, many oil and gas experts believed that U.S. natural gas production was declining.  In fact, the Department of Energy (DOE) predicted as recently as 2009 that the U.S. would become dependent on foreign natural gas for … Continue reading

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