Did You Know We Mobilize Expats & Secondees? {Infographic}

A considerable segment of our industry relies on the discoveries and services of workers from all around the world. When major oil & gas companies kick-off large projects, they find themselves in need of subject matter experts and service specialists, that aren’t always local. To address this common situation, companies seek out Expats and Secondees to fulfill job functions for these special projects.

While you know us for our contract staffing, payrolling and other project support services, you may not know that we also provide global mobilization services. Over the past several years, Clover has successfully and safely mobilized and demobilized Expats and Secondee workers.

Within our mobilization services, our concierge approach has placed clients at ease, as we take responsibility for everything. From visas & work permits to travel accommodations & setting up the Secondees’ local bank account – we manage all those time-consuming details.

Mobilization Services Infographic 3For the workers, we offer international insurance options, travel management, explicit instructions and orientation to their new residence, transportation (even to & from the airport!), living accommodations, and of course, methods for payment. Clover is committed to making Expat and Secondee experiences as comfortable and smooth as possible! Meanwhile, clients benefit from these arrangements by saving time and minimizing their burden to one service provider – Clover!

If it is easier to hear about our international mobilization excellence from a third party – check out what a past secondee said about their experience with Clover:

“I’ve only ever had great experiences with Clover’s mobilization services! They work very efficiently to ensure all the logistics for my stay are accounted for. Unlike other organizations I’ve done secondee work through, Clover has always ensured I have travel, lodging, transportation, communication and insurance accommodations. Whenever I have gone on an assignment through Clover, they have successfully maintained constant communication from the moment I left my home, from the moment I returned. I greatly appreciated their professionalism. For any of your mobilization needs, I would highly recommend you reach out to Clover to arrange the logistics for expat and secondee work.”

-An anonymous secondee employee

Have mobilization needs outside of the United States? Clover-Anotech operates from these 12 locations:

U.S.A. China France
Singapore Brazil Nigeria
U.A.E. Australia Congo
Qatar Russia Papua New Guinea

For more information regarding Clover – Anotech’s mobilization services, contact our office at (281) 994-5900. Should you prefer to contact us through email, feel free to send your inquiries to info@clovergs.com. A representative will be delighted to help!

About Clover Global Solutions - An Anotech Energy Company

Clover Global Solutions, LP, an Anotech Energy company, provides a total workforce solution for upstream, midstream, downstream sectors, along with mining and infrastructure. Clover offers a wide range of services including executive search, recruited contract staffing, payrolling for client-identified contractors, 1099 contractor risk assessment and 1099 contractor compliance management & other project support services. Clover’s clients include 40% of the “super majors” - publicly traded integrated operators, mid-majors, pioneering independents, engineering and construction firms, oilfield service companies, private equity and venture capital funded firms. The company's global reach, beyond the Americas, include capabilities in 63 countries.
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